"A dream I had when I was a little girl"

"I designed coloured costumes which I would then cut out and jealously store in a box that I still keep today as a small treasure.

Now, that dream has come true, and the thrill of giving life to something that many people can wear is a great satisfaction.

I wanted to transfer my eco-chic idea to each garment I designed, to combine the world of ice skating with everyday life.

ICENONICE, in fact, wants to be just that: “inside” and “outside” the ice, always together ”.


"Practicality, conscious consumption, ethics, Made in Italy"

These are the basic values that trace each of my new collections.

Clothing is not only fashion but also a way to communicate with the world and can convey real social value.

Expression of one's personality, a philosophy of life that I made my own on the ice and that now I want to transmit through my clothes as well.


by Carolina Kostner